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An actor’s body has to be an accurate representation of his mind. The first step is to become aware of one’s actions, gestures and movements. The next step is to be able to control these movements with ease, and to look at oneself as others would look at them. Along with the external gaze, an actor also needs to be aware of his inner creative compass: the all-seeing–eye that observes absorbs and internalizes the world around him.

PFC Films works towards honing the craft of acting by guiding individuals to recognize these inner faculties. The learning process is fun but rigorous, challenging but meaningful, and extremely liberating. The raw, unbridled energy of fresh actors, when channeled into the end-of-the-workshop play, becomes a delightful viewing experience.

Each actor finds his voice, his purpose with, and relationship to art. While some students fall in love with the thrill and immediacy of theatre, students who recognize their passion towards filmmaking are encouraged as well.

All art emerges from within, as a response to beauty, or life. Like any other art, acting cannot be acquired or taught as if it were a skill. Actors who are able to transform their natural, inner reservoir of talent into an extraordinary ability to perform emerge from a cultural background that has, at some stage in their life, nurtured, and given space for their inner creative drives to flourish.

Acting courses for adults are geared towards exploring the demands of the craft, and are offered in different variations: six-month weekend batches, one-month intensive acting courses, as well as courses specifically designed to train actors for theatre and film respectively. The focus of acting courses for children, however, is more on freeing the mind from physical and mental restrictions they have inadvertently acquired from their environment so that they can fully blossom in whatever interests and excites them. Workshops in scriptwriting and filmmaking are conducted once every three to four months to cater to aspiring writers keen on moving away from traditional career choices such as science and business to pursue their more artistic temperaments.


For amateur actors and theatre enthusiasts interested in exploring acting as a serious hobby or a conditional career, Tent Cinema’s one-one-of-a-kind intensive course in acting is a good first step.

The course begins by preparing the body for theatre, through basic stretch exercises to enhance flexibility, and through dance, to bring one’s focus back on rhythm, breath and movement. Because art is not skill, and can neither be taught nor acquired, we train students to observe, and inculcate into their own processes, the gestures and behaviours of the others in the class. This process of behaviour acting is further enhanced when students are trained to listen to how they sound. Through voice culture exercises, and by helping students modulate pitch and volume to be most efficient on stage, students become more attuned to their minds and bodies, and get ready to act.

Then come the understanding of the Navarasas. If the first step towards acting is to make the whole world one’s own, the second step is to create the same feeling within the mind of the audience: to create belongingness. To create that effect, a director uses several elements from his craft booklet including colors, lights, properties, body, and movement. Students are trained in the Kalari style of movement, in the best use of language (as well as when, and how to use accents, and speak in the colloquial tongue) create and work with properties and set equipment, wearing makeup, as well as in acting for the camera.

The intensive course allows students enough time to watch world classics, which helps them understand, characterize, and relate to universally renowned characters. Classes are peppered with guest lectures from actors, directors and musicians in the industry.

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